Honorary Colonel and Sergeant Major of the Regiment

Honorary Colonel of the Regiment

Honorary Sergeant Major of the Regiment

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Major General Thomas F. Cole, USA (Ret) served as Commander, D Troop and as S3, 1st Squadron 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment during the period November 1961 – June 1963 Command Sergeant Major Ralph Miller, USA (Ret) served as the Command Sergeant Major of 1st Squadron, 14th Cavalry during the period October 2010 – March 2013


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Executive Council
Advisory Board
President and Honorary Colonel of the Regiment – Tom Cole

Executive Vice President – Gordy Bratz  

Vice President (Enlisted Matters) and Honorary Sergeant Major of the Regiment Ralph Miller

Secretary – Valerie Eagan

Treasurer  – Page Berry

Supply Officer – Jerry Mahoney

Adviser, 1-14 CAV – * MAJ Michael Jacobs

Adviser, 2-14 CAV – * MAJ Brian Caldwell 

* Non-voting

Chair – Frank Varljen

Immediate Past President – Adrian St. John  (Deceased)

Vet, 1st Sqdn 14th ACR Ron Bissell

Vet, 2nd Sqdn 14th ACR – Vacant

Vet, 3rd Sqdn 14th ACR Rich Eagan

Vet, 1st Sqdn 14th Cav Brian Shover

Vet, 2nd Sqdn 14th Cav – Vacant

Vet, 4th Sqdn 14th Cav –David Dunham

Vet, 5th Sqdn 14th Cav – * Bryan Bennett

Adviser, 1st Sqdn 14th Cav * LTC Aaron Dixon

Adviser, 2nd Sqdn 14th Cav – LTC Tim Peterman

Adviser, Family Member Vacant

* Non-voting




Nominating Commitee Jim Pocock

Membership Committee Ralph Miller

History Committee Rich Eagan

Communications Committee Gordy Bratz

Reunions Committee Gordy Bratz

Budget & Finance Committee Page Berry

Monument Committee – Frank Varljen



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Webmaster: Max Whipps