Contribution Level Details

Memorial Brick 8 x 4  The original memorial offering.  With a donation of $200 or more you qualify for an inscribed 8 x 4 x 2 granite Memorial Brick to be placed in the monument pad and will receive a free miniature replica of the brick to serve as a keepsake for your home, or a gift to a loved one. The inscription allows for three lines of not more than twenty characters per line including spaces and punctuation., Additional miniature replicas are available for $25 each.  Brick orders will be accepted through early 2018, then terminated to allow time to manufacture and place them in the monument pad.

Memorial Brick 8" x 8  The perfect solution for a family, a squad or small group that is looking to pool resources to contribute.  For $350 they provide six lines of script, twenty characters per line including spaces and punctuation.  A miniature replica is included; additional miniatures are available for $25 each.  Sales of these brick will also be terminated early in 2018.

General Level Donor: Less than $500

Bronze Level Donor: $500 -$999

Silver Level Donor: $1000 - $2499

Gold Level Donor: $2500 - $4999

Platinum Level Donor: $5000 - $9999

Elite Level Donor $10,000 and above


Bronze through Elite level donors automatically receive a Memorial Brick and miniature replica.  Additional bricks may be purchased with separate donations not counting toward the donors cumulative total gift. 

Incentive gifts appropriate to each donation level are being identified and will be announced soon.  One incentive gift per donor.

Bronze through Elite level donors will be recognized at the monument site.  The form which that recognition will take is under consideration. 

Donation levels are determined by the final total cumulative donation.  If you have previously donated or purchased a brick, you are encouraged to make additional donations to qualify for a higher donor level.

*The 14th Cavalry Association is a not for profit 501(c)(19) Veterans Group. Consult your tax adviser for deductibility details.