Contribution Level Details

Memorial Brick 8” x 4”  The original memorial offering.  With a donation of $200 or more you qualify for an inscribed 8” x 4” x 2” granite Memorial Brick to be placed in the monument pad and will receive a free miniature replica of the brick to serve as a keepsake for your home, or a gift to a loved one. The inscription allows for three lines of not more than twenty characters per line including spaces and punctuation., Additional miniature replicas are available for $25 each.  Brick orders will be accepted through early 2018, then terminated to allow time to manufacture and place them in the monument pad.

Memorial Brick 8" x 8”  The perfect solution for a family, a squad or small group that is looking to pool resources to contribute.  For $350 they provide six lines of script, twenty characters per line including spaces and punctuation.  A miniature replica is included; additional miniatures are available for $25 each.  Sales of these brick will also be terminated early in 2018.

* General Level Donor: Less than $500

* Bronze Level Donor: $500 -$999

* Silver Level Donor: $1000 - $2499

* Gold Level Donor: $2500 - $4999

* Platinum Level Donor: $5000 - $9999

* Elite Level Donor: $10,000 and above

*The 14th Cavalry Association is a not for profit 501(c)(19) Veterans Group. Consult your tax adviser for deductibility details.