3rd Battalion/Squadron
14th Armored Cavalry Regiment


McPheeters Barracks

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The 3rd Battalion was activated in Coburg, Germany on 15 December 1948 and redeployed to Bad Hersfeld in June 1951.  In May 1960 it was redesignated as the 3rd Squadron and its green on yellow ("spider") guidons were replaced by the traditional red and white cavalry guidons.  The Battalion's Companies G, H, I and Tank then became the Squadron's Troops I, K,L and M respectively.  (There is no Troop J. See explanation below*)
The memorial initiated by Veterans of the Squadron was installed 12 June and dedicated 25 June 2009.  Click here for more information.
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*  In the days before radios, and hifalutin digital systems, when the squadron commander and his staff tracled the troop guidons to keep abreast of troop locations and direction of maneuver, the letters "I" and "J" were indistinguishable even with good binoculars at close range.  The problem was solved by skipping "J"