This website was launched in August 1998 by which time The Suivez Moi Committee had been able to locate more than one hundred former members of the Regiment and had placed a memorial beside the flagpole in our former kaserne in Fulda.*  With the aid of this website the Committee continued the march to locate more Suivez Moi soldiers and promote intercommunication. There are now more than 300 troops on board.  If you have served in the Regiment and this is your first visit to this website, you will be added to the trooplist for your squadron/battalion at the next monthly update following receipt of your application for membership in The 14th Cavalry Association.

    We are mindful that many of our troops, having completed their military service and subsequent careers before computers came into wide use, are not particularly fond of these machines.  Hopefully those troopers have nearby relatives and friends, with access to the internet, who will help them visit this site from time to time or receive copy of latest items posted to the bulletin board.  If you are in contact with former members of the Regiment who have not yet found this website please bring it to their attention and extend our invitation to join the 14th Cavalry Association.

    We trust that all Suivez Moi troops, and their families, will find this site interesting and useful and that many of you will contribute some of your recollections and photographs to the history that is being posted.  (Photos presently available are posted at end of the squadron trooplists and with some items on the Bulletin Board.  If you have a personal webpage that displays photos taken during your service in the Regiment and you would like to have us show a link to that page please send its address to: committee

    We also encourage the contribution of news items for posting on the Bulletin Board.  News of Suivez Moi trooper get togethers is of particular interest.  Likewise, news of individual achievements in their second career and in service oriented organizations.

   The Army released a video about the 2nd and 14th Armored Cavalry Regiments entitled The Border Watchers. It has been posted on You Tube and can be viewed here.

    On the pages dealing with matters about which you may wish to contact us by email you will see this link committee.  When you click on it a pre addressed message form should appear.  If it does not appear or your browser declines to transmit it, then go to your email program, use it to bring up a blank message form and address that form to

    A word about terms:  If you served with the Regiment prior to the redesignations in 1960 you may not be at home with the unit terms "troop" and "squadron".  Think of them respectively as "company" and "battalion".  When the companies became troops their green on yellow armor guidons were succeeded by red and white cavalry guidons.

  With the forming of the 14th Cavalry Association in February 2001 the the Suivez Moi Committee was renamed The 14th ACR Committee.  It continues to devote attention to matters that are of primary or exclusive interest to veterans of the 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment.  Its members are:  Frank Varljen, Mack VanHook and Max Whipps.

    For a growing number of our troops more than forty years have passed since the salutation “Suivez Moi” was last heard.  If memory of the pronunciation is remote here is reminder:

“Swe vey Mwoh”  -  FOLLOW ME

* An article about the memorial in Fulda is posted here.