The troops listed in this table would like to hear from contemporaries in their units and exchange recollections of their time in the Regiment.

    Entries are listed by unit (Troop/Co/Bn/Sqdn). in alphanumeric order.  Regt Hq and regimental troops are listed at the end of the table.

    Entries in the last column provide additional information about the requestor's assignments or a link to personal page.  If his request is for contact with an individual who has not yet checked-in to the trooplist that man's name is entered in the last column in parenthesis.  If you know current or recent address please pass the word.

    Note that this board can also be used to request information on matters such as particular operation which the regiment or a squadron conducted.  See separate table at end of the board.

NAME First
Address (email and/or snailmail) #3    as noted above ^
1st 60 63 HUDSON Stanley Sgt Cpt(R) Hq Tank section
1st 68 71 McMANUS Mac Sp5 Mr.
1415 71st St, Brooklyn, NY 11228
Sqdn Maint PLL
A 55 56 WILSON Clyde
Mr. Scout driver
2nd platoon
A 60 63 WATSON John Cpl. Mr. 
103 South Ave, Crescent City, Fl 32112.
(Jack Macy)
A 67 69 SHEPARD Elmer Sp4 Mr.
1055 Snavely Road 
Stamping Ground KY 40379
Third platoon
also served in B Troop
2nd 50 52 EWING Ralph Sgt Mr 2826 Riverside Terr 
Quincy IL 62301-1309 
Bn. Maint Sect.
2nd 62 64 HOFF Ross Sp4 Mr. Bn. S2 Section
2nd 64 67 DOUGLAS Ken Sgt Mr. .
2nd 64 67 GARDINER Gene Sp4 Mr. 2715 W 10th 
Topeka, KS  66604
Truck driver
Supply platoon
2nd 67 67 SHARP Terry Lt Mr please contact at 800 769 7000 (SFC Frazier, Sgt Willis, SFC Mins H Troop Sgt Lankford Bn Maint}.
E 53 54 WISE Robert Cpl Dr.  (Sgt. Ray Spencer
Sgt Wilburn Beverly
Cpl.Jack Jones)
Tk/Hq 56 58 FLEMING Bill Pfc Mr .
F 64 67 CLAY Gerald Sgt Mr. Commo Sgt
F 69 70 BUCKLEY Ed . Mr. .
3rd 61 64 MC QUAIN James K . SGT (SFC O'Shaughnessy
Comm. Sgt Hq Co.)
3rd 66 69 DEITZ Gaither . . .
3rd 70 71 RATLIFF Ron . Mr.
409 Wayne Drive   Charleston WV. 25306
Sqdn Maint
G 50 53 ROURKE Joseph Pfc Mr. Scout Sect, 3rd Plat
(Charles M. Clark
Raymoned E. Brown)
I 55 58 SMITH James SSG SFC Scout squad ldr, 1st Plat.
I 56 57 BASOM Marcus Sp4 1SG Track veh. mechanic
K 67 68 FABIAN Jon Sp5 Mr.  page
K 67 69 FRENCH Jim Sp5 Mr.
2516 New Haven Ct. Bedford, Texas  76022
tank mechanic
M 60 64 HENDERSON James Sgt Maj(R) comm. chief
How 58 60 HARVEY John . 1SG .
REGT. . . . . . . . .
Avn 58 60 RICE Bradley . Mr. L19 crew chief
58 60 GARCIA Richard Sp4 Mr.
1211 Amherst Ct.. San Leandro, CA. 94579
Ambulance driver
RHQ 67 68 EVERETTS Lee Sgt Mr Comm. Section
67 70 HETHERLY James LTC dec. his daughter Mrs Phyllis Hill
Regt Staff


1.  Rank at end of assignment with the troop/company

2.  If individual served to retirement the "Now" column shows retired rank

3.  If both email and snailmail are listed the preferred channel is listed first.


This table is for use by individuals who seek information about a particular subject, operation or incident.  Entries are listed in chronological order of the years in which the operations/incidents began or took place.

Subject/Question  (30 words max Requestor/Unit    Contact
1948 1990 R Eight Guards ArmyWhen the Soviet forces stood down in East Germany after 1990 many of their war plans passed to western hands.  If you know of a website or an unclassified document/display that presents plans of the Eight Guards Army please contact us. 14th ACR
1876 1876 7th
George Armstrong CusterUntil recently we thought we knew what this famous cavalryman said out there at the Little Big Horn when he saw them Injuns a comin.  Finally one of his scouts has found his way back to our operations center and we feel obligated to let you know how it really went. . .

#4.  Number/letter in this column indicates that the operation or incident took place in the unit (sqdn/bn/troop/company) identified.  R=Regt.

If you desire to have an entry posted in one of the above tables send it to us at:  committee (