This system is maintained to assist members of the 14th Cavalry Association in gaining contact, by email or regular mail, with other members whose addresses they do not have.

If the individual on your squadron trooplist whom you seek to contact can be reached by Email and you elect to use that channel please follow this procedure:  (If your addressee does NOT have email, or you prefer to use regular mail, use the procedure given at the end of this page)

Address your message to  and enter "RELAY" on the Subject line in the message heading.

Identify the person to whom it should be relayed by showing his name and unit in the first line 
of the message text. 
     (Example:  "FOR Jack Lighthorse, member of E Troop ACR in 1965")

Please identify yourself in the next line of your message 
    (Example:  "FROM Bill Overholt, Gunner of Tank E25")

Click here to bring up a message form addressed to our relay point:

This is a "one-way" service.  After the initial contact all further communication between addressee and sender should be DIRECT.

If you do not receive an early reply to your email bear in mind that there are times when an addressee is away from home - or his #~*^# computer is down.


If your addressee does NOT have email you can address a letter to him as shown in the following example:

  Jack Lighthorse (2nd Sqdn, 1965)
  P.O. Box 57
  Ivy, VA 22945

Note:  It is necessary to show the addressee's unit and year in parenthesis by his name since it is possible that there is another member by the same name who served in another squadron or in same squadron at a different time.

We will overwrite the Ivy address and forward your letter.