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14th Armored Cavalry Regiment

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The Watch on Freedom's Frontier
WELCOME. This section of the 14th Cavalry Association's web site is produced by the 14th ACR Committee (Successor to the Suivez Moi Committee formed in 1998).    It focuses on the service of our Regiment at the most crucial sector of NATO's front line during some of the most perilous years of the Cold War.  We seek to promote communication among those of us who were privileged to serve together at that time and place.



If this is your first visit to this section of the Association's web site the Introduction page will provide some background and helpful information about this site. 
* We ask troopers who served before 1960 to accept the term "Squadron" as an abbreviation of "Battalion and Squadron

We encourage veterans of the 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment to join the Association now and support its objectives.  Grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren of veterans are encourged to join as associate members.