Fort Lewis, Washington  1017 hours, 15 September 2000

The regimental colors have just been presented to the Squadron Commander, LTC Dana Pittard.  A few minutes after this photo was taken a good breeze came along to set the colors and the five troop guidons waving.  For the veterans present it was a long awaited sight to behold.

Troopers of the Squadron observed from the stands and their cheer was loud and clear.  Because there were seven other units involved in this reflagging ceremony and the time available for rehearsal was severely limited it had been decided not to have the troops formed on the field with the unit commanders.

Brig. Gen. Albin Irzyk (Regt CO 1961-62) and CSM Frank Mouri (1st Sqdn CSM 1960-64) had the honor to stand with the Squadron Commander as the Colors were presented.  In this photo they are being escorted back to the observation stand.

At reception following the ceremony MSG John Schock (2nd Sqdn 1930-39) makes a dead center cut of the cake.  CSM Frank Mouri (1st Sqdn 1960-64) endorses the action.
LTC Dana Pittard takes aim for a second slash.
Trooper John Shriner is flanked by Col Frank Varljen (left) and MSG John Schock
Two members of 3rd Squadron in 1969
Bob Visscher (left) was Squadron XO
Major General B. B. Bell joined the squadron as a 2nd Lt.  He commands the Armor Center and Fort Knox.
Waiting for the reflagging ceremony to begin.  Brig Gen Jud Miller (CO 2nd Sqdn 1959-60) stands at left.  Maj.Gen Tom Cole (S3, 1st Sqdn 1962-63) stands at right with Mrs. Cole.  Seated from left, Brig Gen Irzyk, MSG Schock, and CSM Mouri. 
Brig Gen Irzyk (center) with four officers who served in 2nd Squadron in 1960.  From the left they are LTC Mack VanHook, Brig Gen Jud Miller, LTC Ray Teel and Mr. Frank Chew.

Regardless of what you may hear about the weather at Fort Lewis there ARE days when you can look to the southeast and see THIS