The 1st Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment was activated at Fort Lewis, Washington on 15 September 2000.  Photographs of the reflagging ceremony and of veterans who attended are linked to this page:  Click here

1-14 CAV is a reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition (RSTA) squadron composed of three reconnaissance troops and a surveillance troop.  The reconnaissance troops have three recon platoons and a mortar section.  The surveillance troop includes a UAV (drone) platoon, an NBC recon platoon and a number of other sensor systems.*

The Squadron is commanded by Lieutenant Colonel James E. Cashwell .  The Command Sergeant Major is Brian C. Shover.

Regardless of what you may have heard there ARE days at Fort Lewis when the sun shines and you can see a long way.

Squadron Commander's SITREP, July 2002

To the 14th Cavalry Association

Gentleman – here is a quick sitrep as to where the Warhorse Squadron is going between now and next spring time.

 But first a look back on how we set the conditions:

 Behind us we've left multiple weapons qualifications to include Close Quarter Marksmanship (CQM), Human Intelligence (HUMINT) exercises, and Platoon External Evaluations which we conducted at Yakima Training Center.  In June the Squadron deployed again in its' entirety to both the Northern and Southern portions of Fort Lewis to test our digital connectivity ability over extended distances.  In addition to Urban Operations, we conducted an Area Security mission, an Area Reconnaissance mission ending the exercise with a Battle Hand Over (BHO) of a “discovered missile site” to C Company 1-23 Infantry.

 In between all these exercises the fielding process continues to include key pieces of our equipment like our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (the SHADOW 200), as well as the Counter Intelligence Human Intelligence Automated Tool Set (CHATS).  Boy -- any more acronyms like that and we'll all need a break!!

Now as we look down the road -- one thing we're certainly not worried about is gathering dust on our Dehners!! During the months of July and August, the troops will take a well deserved leave period while the Squadron command post participates in the Army Transformation Exercise - Millennium Challenge 02.  This exercise is a Joint training exercise that occurs at the National Training Center (Fort Irwin, CA) to demonstrate the capabilities of the Stryker Brigade Combat Team and its ability to integrate into the "Joint fight".

Following this exercise the Squadron begins fielding the first of our Stryker** vehicle variants - beginning with the mortar carrier (IAV-MC) in late August 2002 and the command vehicle (IAV-CV) in September 2002.

 In August, September and October 2002 the Squadron will see many new faces in command, with all of the Recce Troops and HHT conducting Change of Command Ceremonies.  Following this change of command period the Squadron will conduct a Spur Ride to certify all new cavalry leaders and troops will get "back to basics" - executing several training events ranging from weapon system qualification, to training dismounted scout skills, to conducting collective Urban Reconnaissance Operation at Fort Knox, KY.

 We will finish the year with fielding the new Stryker Recon Vehicles (RV) - beginning in November and completing the fielding prior to the Christmas break.  Following the New Year's holiday the Squadron will conduct extensive platoon, troop, and squadron-level collective training in preparation for the Stryker Brigade's "certification" exercise in April-May 2003.  Once the Brigade is certified as Initial Operations Capable (IOC) in the spring of 2003, we expect to execute real-world operations...but that will be another chapter in our history.

All the best to Troopers past and present… and, as always, we'll see you soon on the high ground.

v/r LTC Jim Cashwell

CDR 1-14 CAV
(253) 967-8532

NOTE:  An updated SITREP is forthcoming with the next Association Newsletter.

Click here for the Squadron's website.

*   For information about D Troop (the surveillance troop) and photos of its operations click here.

** For a photograph and more information about the Stryker Recon Vehicle click here.