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The 14th Cavalry Monument will be dedicated at the 14th Cavalry Association Reunion, October 16-19, 2018, “To all 14th Cavalry Troopers whose unselfish and dedicated service and personal sacrifice contributed to peace and freedom in our nation and around the world.” 

It will sit on a 20x20 ft. concrete pad, in which personalized “bricks” will be set, in the proposed National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Museum’s “monument garden” in Pattons Park adjacent to Ft. Benning, Ga.

Described by one observer as “stunningly beautiful”, the monument captures the attention of the eyes and the mind.

At a distance, polished black granite panels impart a stately dignity.  As one moves closer, crossed sabers and the regimental crest atop the main panel and contrasting red and white guidons atop the five pedestals, each dedicated to a specific era in the regiment’s history, become visible.  And the mind is teased to consider the campaigns in which the 14th participated and the troopers who served in them. Imagined questions, “When and where did it serve?”, “What did they do?”, are answered as one moves closer and reads the engravings on each panel.

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Moving from Idea to Monument

How you can help.   Whether you are a veteran of a 14h Cavalry unit, a military veteran or a friend of those who have served, you have shown an interest in what we are doing.  Would you like to help?  There are a number of things you can do.

Why contribute?  There are many reasons: to preserve the legacy of a unit that has served our country through many challenges; to honor the service of the men and women who served in, and with, the 14th Cavalry; to honor a friend, classmate, family member or loved one.  We are a small Association, about 450 members.  We need your help.

And if you are a veteran of the 14th, you’ll be giving back some of what the 14th gave you.  You may have met your spouse while in the 14th.  Your children may have been born during that time.  Did you make lasting friendships, grow in skills, knowledge and maturity?  Perhaps you learned teamwork, leadership, patience, tenacity, toughness, perseverance, pride.  Did you face situations in which you were afraid and overcame them?  You certainly experienced some challenges and experiences that would be hard to duplicate in civilian life.  And whether you were career military, or citizen soldier, you benefited from them later in life.

The Goal.  The Association is raising $95,000 to cover costs of the site at the National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Museum, build the monument, insure it and maintain it.

History.  Fundraising began in May 2016 by offering commemorative paver bricks to members of the Association.  The final cost of the monument wasn’t known then, but it was not thought that commemorative brick sales alone would be sufficient to cover it.  Nevertheless, through April of 2017, almost $20,000 had been raised. The final design and construction of the monument was approved, and the Phase II fundraising program was launched at the Association’s reunion in May 2017.

Challenge and Response. An anonymous donor pledged $10,000 if the Association raised an additional $10,000 by December 31.  Challenged to earn those matching funds at the reunion in early May, attendees stepped up by contributing $11,200 by the concluding banquet on Saturday night. Eighty-two percent of those at the reunion have contributed, confirming the observation of LTC Jabari Miller, outgoing commander of 2-14, that “Cavalry is an attitude” and demonstrating that members of the 14th Cavalry Association have it!

The Plan.  How will we raise the remaining funds?

First of all, by pointing out that no donation is too small and that every donation is important and appreciated. You will have the satisfaction of being part of an important undertaking.

Secondly, by making it easy to contribute and perhaps contributing a bit more than you might have first considered doing, or have done.  Writing a check or making an immediate one-time donation on a credit card can represent a tough blow to your budget.  It doesn’t have to be.  We have established a pledge program that allows you to make an initial contribution now and subsequent contributions on October 1, 2017, February 1, 2018, with the final installment on June 1, 2018.  We’ll even send you reminders.  Again, while encouraging larger donations, perhaps in addition to what you may have already contributed, we want to emphasize that no donation is too small.  If you are still employed and your employer has a matching gift program, that is an excellent source of funds.  Some employers may match contributions by retirees. 

Contribution Options

Memorial Brick (8”x4”)  

Memorial Brick (8”x8”)  

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Silver Level Donor

Gold Level Donor

Platinum Level Donor

Elite Level Donor

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Thank you for visiting the 14th Cavalry Association Website.  We honor you for your service and/or for your interest in honoring those who served.

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